5 Easy Steps to Make Money With Site Promotion

Do you always feel that you’re doing the wrong thing? Then perhaps you are. Though in the digital world, anything can change when it comes to the standards of website promotion, there are still others that always remain the same-that is, to never commit any of these mistakes but instead make money with your website promotion:

1. Avoid spamming. There are many ways on how you can spam, but one of the most popular-and annoying-is e-mail. First of all, don’t send message to anyone who hasn’t subscribed to your list. Second, make sure your subject line doesn’t sound too spammy. It may even help if you can make your subject line very personal.

2. Get rid of redirections. Redirectors have profound negative effects in your rankings in search engines, and you basically don’t want that to happen. As much as possible, avoid redirecting Internet users unless you have to, especially if you have broken links.

3. Give them great content. There are a number of webmasters who are very page-ranking-focused that they forget to provide their visitors with informative articles. Rather, they make use of too many keywords. This will render your copy very incoherent, and users these days are smart enough to know that you’re just up for promotion and not to really give them what they need.

4. Choose site directories wisely. Do you know that there are only 10 search engines that get the highest traffic? Thus, if you’re going to promote your site, there’s no need to submit your site to 100+ other smaller directories.

5. Don’t easily trust. There are too many scammers who may tell you that they can give your site tremendous exposure, with 5,000 traffic every day, but only if you buy their software. This is completely untrue, and going for this trap is definitely a waste of money. Do your research first.

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